Ready to make the switch to a phone service with more features for less money? OfficePlus is our most popular package. It includes one voice over IP (VoIP) phone line plus one virtual fax line in your preferred area code. We can even help you move over your existing phone numbers and convert them to VoIP, in most cases.*

-Unlimited local calling & long distance calling – U.S. & Canada
-Virtual fax line – receive faxes by email and send faxes through our website

-Add a virtual number in a different area code that points to your main number: $4.95/month
-Toll free numbers available for both fax and phone lines at a low monthly rate.


Need a phone line that does more for your business than just ring? Check out all the features that come with our VoIP phone line for one low price. No extra fees for features, you get everything! Plus, we can give you a phone number in your area code or move your existing phone number to our service.*

-Unlimited local calling & long distance calling – U.S. & Canada

-Add a virtual number in a different area code that points to your main number: $4.95/month
-Toll free numbers available for a low monthly rate.


Why bother with the expense of a fax machine when you can receive faxes in your email? Faxes arrive as a PDF attachment for you to read, save or forward. Click on the attachment in your email to read your fax. No more wasted paper and ink.

Sending faxes is just as easy. Simply log into the web interface, type in the fax number and coversheet info and attach your file to fax.

We can transfer your existing fax line to our service or give you a brand new one in your area code, or even a toll-free number. .*

$9.95/month or $99/year
-Unlimited local calling & long distance calling – U.S. & Canada

-Toll free numbers available for a low monthly rate.

All Voice over IP Phone Packages include these great features:
Voicemail: Messaging with multiple greeting options (standard, busy, unavailable).
Voicemail-to-email: Voicemail messages get emailed as WAV attachments. Send them to 1 or 2 email addresses.
Auto attendant: Create a simple phone tree for your callers to select specific people or departments.
Caller ID: See who is calling and choose to answer or send to voicemail.
Call Waiting: Toggle between two phone calls.
Call Forwarding: Send your business phone to one or multiple phone numbers.
Scheduled forwarding: Set up specific times to forward your calls – great for after hours or weekend schedules
Three-way conferencing: Pull in another caller for a quick conference.
Conference room: Your own personal conference room number – hold multi-user phone conferences any time.  Attendees simply call your phone number, conference extension and optional pin number.
Call history: Sarch your calls by date, to, from or all fields and export as a CSV file.


Please contact us with your phone number we’ll ask you a few quick questions and get you started.  You can also fill out our online order form if you prefer, and we’ll get back to you and confirm your order.


We can move (port) over most existing U.S. based phone numbers to our system, but we will need to check with your existing provider to confirm that these numbers are portable.  

There is a one-time fee of $20 per line to transfer the number and register it on our system.  If you are moving multiple lines, we may be able to get a price break for you.   We will confirm all number porting availability and cost and time estimate wtih you and get your written approval before initiating the move.  Porting generally takes between 7-10 business days.  We will coordinate the cutover date with you to make sure it works for your business.